Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Welcome to my new blog!

Just as a bit of an introduction…at the end of last year I finished the Bachelor of Arts/Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing and Editing) course at the University of Ballarat. The Bachelor half consisted of a lot of film and literary criticism, with a bit of Philosophy and a couple of semesters of Japanese thrown in as electives, and the Diploma half was more hands-on; I did the full streams of Editing and Graphic Design (though, being a non-design course, the ‘full stream’ was still pretty basic), as well as partial streams of Novel writing, Screen writing, and Photography.

Since I finished I’ve just been bartending to pay the bills while I attempt to write a book, and writing on my other blog to keep my skills sharp (and hopefully get my name out there a bit).

The book(s) and the blog have been all serious, non-fiction, and philosophical - and the research has taken up most of my reading time as well - so lately I’ve been itching to read (and talk about) fiction a lot more. Hence the blog! Since it’s just for fun I won’t be pushing it on people as hard as the other one - which, incidentally, you should totally check out - and nor will I be attempting to stick to any kind of update schedule. Just whenever I feel the urge.

The focus is going to be on fiction books, but I can see myself spinning off onto other tangents. So expect a bit on TV/film, a bit on language and linguistics, and a bit of this sort of thing. Maybe even a bit of my own fiction/poetry, if I get around to writing some that’s any good.

In any case, the first real post will be up tomorrow, and a better layout and design of the site will follow at some point. Enjoy!

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